Sunday, April 10, 2016

Stainless steel countertop then and now

When we built Linden Cottage in 1980, kitchen countertops were not a particularly trendy real estate selling tool as granite and marble kitchen countertop property must-haves are today.
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Thinking "utilitarian, easy to keep clean and germ-free" with a family of six and an ever "revolving" kitchen door, we installed a stainless steel countertop.

While stainless steel can foster an industrial, modern feel, Linden Cottage is just the opposite, traditional and somewhat eclectic in design and decoration.

Linden Cottage, Newport RI
But the kitchen is definitely a working space, and has gotten very industrial over the years. From an at-home Newport wedding for 250 guests to busy summer and holiday gatherings throughout the year, the countertop has served us well. 

In 1980, the cost was a pittance. We paid a metal shop less than $100 to make and install our stainless steel countertop. It was the first one the metalworker had done, and he thought I was cuckoo.

Now, stainless steel can be as expensive per square foot as some granite, marble, and glass kitchen countertops. 

But given the chance, we would install another stainless steel countertop in a heartbeat! It's just so versatile and hard-wearing. There are no worries when cutting on it, no problem transferring a hot pot from stovetop to counter, and cool enough to roll out a puffed pastry crust, plus ever easy to clean with no maintenance. A kitchen countertop that has worked quite well for over three decades.....
just baked banana bread cooling
copyright 2016/Linden Cottage, Newport RI
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