Monday, January 30, 2012

Tasty hot crab dip appetizer

Looking for an easy hot crab dip, a canape spread your guests will remember long after your Super Bowl party? It's an old favorite party dip or cracker spread recipe right from the sea and very tasty! Adults and children alike love this appetizer. Easy to make, quick and simple to serve on melba toast rounds or freshly toasted baguette pieces  - cream cheese and crab canape spread appetizer.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Easy Lasagna rated best of 14 recipes

©Sharon Watterson

An old lasagna recipe handed down from a master cooker, uses Jimmy Dean's Sausage instead of hamburger. Several years ago, when a friend was ill and received 14 lasagnas from helpful neighbors, this one was judged the best! The sausage gives the Italian recipe favorite extra flavor and is simple to prepare for a group. The secret to this easy meal is to not overcook the noodles. Lasagna servings are easy to manage and don't fall apart when cut from the casserole. There's no better time than the Super Bowl to try out this winner!  Party recipe for about 15 servings. 
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