Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Losing a dear friend and four-legged family member

Losing a much loved dog can break your heart, and this week, our family's collective heart was broken. Our daughter's family dog, Hazel, a Bernese Mountain dog, has visited so often, I felt like WE had lost her when she texted to say "Hazel just died," at 7:15 Sunday night. Even though life expectancy is relatively short for Bernese, we somehow thought Hazel would be super Bernese dog. She was a "super dog" just not in longevity. Our daughter wrote so poignant a message on Facebook, I cried once again and again and reading it now...again.

"We brought you home sweet girl almost 9 years ago to the date. You were a loyal companion, playmate and friend. Thank you Hazel for keeping me company all those nights when John traveled, for keeping guard at the top of the stairs each night until all three kids fell asleep and then laying down for the night next to my side of the bed, for overseeing all snowman making activities, for keeping Jeff A. honest, for having a huge crush on Josh L., for leaving insane amounts of tumbleweeds throughout the house, for consuming an inordinate number of socks and pairs of underwear, a few sticks of butter, a bunny cake, blocks of cheese and a couple bars of soap. We miss you dearly and I know you are running with Barnsey, Boulder, Rufus, Daisy and Reilly right now. I hope there is snow in heaven." 

Rest in peace Hazel, a dog we loved so well as she returned that love ten times over.
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