Friday, June 17, 2011

Newport home and garden spectacular

One of the most anticipated events of the summer season is the 2016 Flower Show, hosted every year by the Preservation Society, keeper of the Newport Mansions. Scheduled when gardens are usually at their height of bloom, and always when the roses bloom, the Newport Flower Show is a home and garden spectacular not to be missed. Get your tickets now for the Flower Show at Rosecliff, a 3-day event for gardeners and shoppers, which showcases some of Newport's most important real estate.

Even in the rain, roses are so beautiful with their lovely scent wafting over the door at our house

This ever-blooming, very fragrant English climbing rose, an 'own root' planting called 'Ginger Syllabub,' lives by our sun room door with two clematis vines, 'Princess Diana' and the bell-shaped Clematis 'Blue Angel'.

Clematis 'Blue Angel' blooms the entire summer with pest and disease free own root planting, climbing rose, 'Ginger Syllabub', they really make a wonderful pair. Minimum care is needed for clematis and flowering vines.
Pruning and fertilizing clematis takes very little time.

For tickets to the Newport Flower Show, read all about what's going on this year at Rosecliff in southern Rhode Island.

Tea rose from the back perennial garden.

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