Saturday, August 13, 2011

Newport returns to halcyon days

With the recent notoriety Newport RI has received, i.e., one of the top "Ten Most Beautiful Places in America" and its recent selection to host the last regatta of the America's Cup World Series 2012 sailing season, there's no doubt Rhode Island will get an economic boost from these two distinctions.

This summer has seen a return to the halcyon days with the town waking up to filled hotels and restaurants full of hungry sightseers. 4800 hotel rooms have already been booked for the America's Cup international event next summer.

Watch Good Morning America's (GAM) "10 Most Beautiful Places in America" video and take a look at our beautiful "City by the Sea". Read about the coming America's Cup series in June 2012 and Newport RI's bright future, once again a shining star on the world stage.

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