Tuesday, August 30, 2011

An earthquake, Irene, and a strange wedding guest

Amazing that all three of these events occurred in the same week: first an earthquake, or at least some minor shaking, then a our son's wedding, and of course, Hurricane Irene. Two were unplanned events,  the doing of Mother Nature, but our home was unscathed. With a house full of family and guests for Patrick and Shauna's wedding on Saturday at the Officer's Club, US Navy base, Irene forced all of Newport, RI, and, indeed, Aquidneck Island, to revisit colonial times early in the day on Sunday, August 28, 2011.
But with gas hot water, showers were available, lots of hardy meals via a gas cook-top, and a small generator to cool the champagne, wine and beer in the fridges, all was well. With no T-mobile cell phone service, we were fortunate to have guests with iPhones on AT&T and Verizon, which were able to receive plenty of signals. We actually sat out Irene under the awning poolside. A few stronger constitutions actually slept outdoors under the awning.

After the storm, we walked down to the beach for a peek at the surf at high tide. Clean-up took no time at all on Monday, and afterwards, we all headed for the patio again to rest when we noticed, the power was restored. We were lucky..

Then we welcomed a very strange visitor by the pool. The pubescent red hawk stayed long enough to pose for several different photos.

Think he might have been chasing the birds or a squirrel raiding the bird-feeder after the storm.

The hawk perched right on the edge of the deck chair where a towel was drying in the sun.

 And we wondered if maybe his nest could have been disturbed by Irene.

Greetings and all is well in southern Rhode Island

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